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Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer

Bakery Machinery

Planetary mixer is multipurpose equipment where the attachment move in planetary fashion. It can be used for multiple application like whipping, dough making, mixing and other preparations. 5 liters and 7 liters dough maker can also be used for nitrogen ice cream mixing. PB in the industry, we offer planetary mixer 20 ltr, high speed planetary mixer, 40 litter planetary mixer, 60 litter planetary mixer, hydraulic planetary mixer 80 liter, stainless steel Bakery Machinery, 7 liters electric stand dough mixer machine and high speed planetary mixer 60 liter from India.

Planetary Mixer


  • Material : SS, MS Steel
  • Capacity : 100 to 1000 Ltr
  • Design : Standard
  • Automation Grade : Fully Automatic
  • Insulation Thickness: 50-100mm
  • Compressor: Copeland Emerson
  • Thickness: 2MM / 1.5MM
  • Motor: Rotomotive , Siemens , Crompton
  • Power: Single/Three Phase

  • Features: Perfect Size & Shape, Hygienic Operation, Portables on Wheels, Easy to Operate & Maintenance, Automatic Control Panel, Reliable and Smooth operation

Bakery Planetary Mixer

A commercial or industrial Planetary mixer is an essential tool for any bakery or commercial restaurant for mixing batters, doughs, icings, sauces, and more. All-purpose planetary mixers are great to have on hand for stirring batters, whipping cream, and blending ingredients. For mixing tough, dense doughs, choose a powerful spiral mixer, the largest of which can handle hundreds of pounds of dough per batch. Find new attachments here for grinding meat, chopping vegetables, and more. Bakery Planetary Mixer price in cookkart is competitive and best in industry.

Planetary Mixer Manufacturer

Planetary Mixer, also referred to as vertical mixers are most common in commercial kitchens in general. The motion of the utensil turning on an offset shaft that rotates around the fixed, non-rotating bowl, is comparable to the way planets rotate the sun, hence the name planetary. These mixers will come with a removable dough pot with accessories that include a dough hook, mixing paddle, and a whisk. The dough hook is for kneading the dough. A mixing paddle is a general tool that allows you to mix all items together. Lastly, a whisk is for beating eggs, whipped cream, and other soft creams.