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Steam Jacketed Kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettle Manufacturers

We offer tilting paste kettle machine, steam jacketed kettle, starch paste kettle machine, Steam Jacketed Paste Kettle, Electrical Jacketed Paste Kettle, Paste Preparation Vessel, Starch Paste Kettle, Steam Jacketed Kettle or binder preparation vessels (Paste kettle) machine designed unique for optimal products mixing efficiency to ensured a homogeneous mix products. Temperature can be set to desired temp by adjusting the thermostat provided and the temperature can be seen in the dial thermometer provided. Paste Kettle uses for preparation of starch based paste. Hemispherical shape conatiner ensures that the heating of the starch paste is uniform and cover more surface area.

Steam Jacketed Kettle


  • Material : SS, MS Steel
  • Capacity : 100 to 1000 Ltr
  • Design : Standard
  • Automation Grade : Fully Automatic
  • Insulation Thickness: 50-100mm
  • Compressor: Copeland Emerson
  • Thickness: 2MM / 1.5MM
  • Motor: Rotomotive , Siemens , Crompton
  • Power: Single/Three Phase

  • Features: Perfect Size & Shape, Hygienic Operation, Portables on Wheels, Easy to Operate & Maintenance, Automatic Control Panel, Reliable and Smooth operation

Steam Jacketed Kettle Price List

The Tilting paste kettle is designed for paste preparation. It has a universal application resulting in uniform melting. This tank is designed to meet missing needs of wider range of products under varied operating conditions in chemicals, Foods, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry. The basic principle utilized in the design of this kettle is the jacket for passing steam in order to melt down the product to make paste. This Steam Jacketed Kettle has a unique tilting arrangement for discharging the product.

Steam Jacketed Kettles for Sale

The tilting type arrangement ensures ease in unloading the paste in another container or vessel. The starch is put in the kettle and water is added to it till desired thickness of paste is achieved. Steam Jacketed Kettle Machine is jacketed and is heated till the starch melts and a thick paste is achieved. This paste can be agitated either manually or with the help of an anchor type agitator which will constantly agitate the paste so that there will be no lumps formation. Temperature can be set to desired degree by adjusting the thermostat provided and the temperature can be seen in the dial thermometer provided. Jacket can be designed for different working temperature requirements.