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Colloid Mill Machine

Colloid Mill Machine

Colloid Mill Manufacturers

Colloid Mill is used for Homogenizing, De-agglomeration, Mixing, Reduce Particle Size, Emulsifying, Dispersing, Dissolving, Wet milling, Micro-comminution and reduce viscosity of product. By using Innovative Colloid Mill, you can reduce particle size up to 5 Micron.Material is processed between High Speed Rotor and Stator in Colloid Mill. Teeth of Rotor and Stator are specially designed as per product. We can adjust grinding gap between stator and rotor using Adjusting Ring.

Colloid Mill Machine


  • Material : SS, MS Steel
  • Capacity : 100 to 1000 Ltr
  • Design : Standard
  • Automation Grade : Fully Automatic
  • Insulation Thickness: 50-100mm
  • Compressor: Copeland Emerson
  • Thickness: 2MM / 1.5MM
  • Motor: Rotomotive , Siemens , Crompton
  • Power: Single/Three Phase

  • Features: Perfect Size & Shape, Hygienic Operation, Portables on Wheels, Easy to Operate & Maintenance, Automatic Control Panel, Reliable and Smooth operation

Cone Mill

Colloid mill is a machine used in the disintegration of solid particles or droplet size of a liquid present in suspension or emulsion. The machine consists of an inlet (which is subjected to a tremendous shearing action that effects a time dispersion of uniform size) and an outlet.
Cone Mill works on the rotor-stator principle. The equipment breaks down materials by forming dispersion of materials in a liquid. Shearing takes place in a narrow gap between a static cone (the stator) and a rapidly rotating cone (the rotor).

Comminuting Mill

Planet Baba Colloid Mill is suitable for Homogenizing, Emulsifying, Dispersing, Mixing, Comminuting of liquids to highly viscous products. It is based on rotor-stator principle. It is available in plan as well as Water Jacketed model which is suitable for heat sensitive products of Comminuting Mill. Flame Proof electrical can be supplied on demands.